Psalm 68:5-6

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

I am Stepanie Nance. My family adopted two little boys with Down Syndrome from Ukraine in 2010. I hope to educate and to inspire you. I hope to make you laugh and to make you cry.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Success!

Today was birth certificate day.

It started at 3:30 am and we rolled out of town at 4:30 am on our way to Kerch, where Theodore was born. The driver nearly ran over a dog twice on the way out of town! We got to Kerch at 7am. We waited in the car until nearly eight and then went inside to ensure that we were first in line. The woman who takes care of the birth certificates was so nice! Really, this level of service with a smile is unheard of around these parts. She congratulated me a half hour later when the new bith certificate was handed over. James and I are listed as parents!

We were feeling pretty good that things went so fast in Kerch because we still had to travel to Yalta today. On the way our of town our driver made an error, turned the wrong way on a street and was pulled over by the traffic cop. The cop wanted to take his license away!! It took sooooo long to clear this up. I think some money changed hands, but I really don’t want to know. Police here are not heroes. Theirs is considered one of the lowest of occupations.

By the time this was done and we started out again the traffic had started to get heavy. It was very frustrating for me sitting in the backseat. Not only the traffic, but the stunt-driver style of driving. I’ve never been carsick before today. The hair-raising ride, plus the intense humid heat, plus not much to eat made me feel quite sick all afternoon.

We had to backtrack all the way to travel to Yalta. We were several hours late due to the traffic. This is the holiday season and Yalta is a popular destination.. It is a very beautiful city surrounded by mountains and the sea. Just gorgeous. And HOT. The administration building felt like a steam bath. I was feeling very light headed and thought I might pass out. I kept thinking of that song, Breath of Heaven, hold me together…and I would imagine a cool breeze blowing on my face.

The girl at the administration office in Yalta was friendly, but slow. S.L.O.W. I think that Zhens’ birth certificate may have been all she did today! When we were finally done our driver took me to the seaside for a stroll. I can say that I was splashed by a wave of the Black Sea. For some reason it reminded me of Lake Michigan. It was 6pm as we left to go home for the evening.

It was a hard day, but we accomplished everything that we set out to do! Success!

I’m beat. Photos tomorrow, OK?


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog daily for a couple of weeks & have been praying for you and the boys. Praise God that you got the birth cert. without too many challenges. Looking forward to hearing more soon.
    Atlanta, GA

  2. Congrats!!!!
    Another step closer to home!

  3. I can't wait to see those pictures!! So happy that your have the birth certs...You have such amazing stories to tell of all of your adventures!

  4. Stephanie - SO GLAD I've found you. Tina K. called me about your family. We are home from our oldest son's wedding in Idaho and back in Newton. PLEASE CONTACT me if you need anything. waitingonmyua2 at gmail dot com - I'll check daily to see if you contact me. Also, your family can find me on FB and request to be friends. Beth Kopishke Tuszynski My phone numbers are posted on my profile.

  5. That's great you were able to get them both in one day! Praise God! How soon before Gotcha Day?

  6. Great Brag for the day :) Praise God for those boys coming home soon!!!

  7. I read back a long way this morning after emailing my long response to you. I am humbled once again that the fight I am in is where I need to be. Thank you for encouraging ME in a way you could not possibly have foreseen...Godspeed Stephanie, get home soon! Love,cathy bachman



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