Psalm 68:5-6

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

I am Stepanie Nance. My family adopted two little boys with Down Syndrome from Ukraine in 2010. I hope to educate and to inspire you. I hope to make you laugh and to make you cry.

Come along for the ride. It's a wild one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One last quick update before we head for home!

Today we had medical appointments in the morning and visa appointments in the afternoon. I'll write more about those later. The important thing right now is that we have visas and immigration packets for the boys!!

We were gifted with a stroller but it is on it's last legs. I pray that it makes it through the airports tomorrow. Tonight we saved the last bit of wear and tear on the stroller and took a taxi to TGI Friday's to hang out with some other Reece's Rainbow families. What a fun time we had! I've never met an RR family that I didn't instantly love.

Not wanting to wait for a taxi to take us home we decided to go ahead and carry the kids and walk. What a difference a month makes! James, you will be happy to know that I barely broke a sweat on the way up the hill tonight. The apartment we have this time is a bit further away and up yet another hill. Even carrying a 12 pound boy I made it home easily.

We leave the apartment at 3am and I still have to repack everything. I hope that I have enough water and baby snacks to make it home. Tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. Can't wait to see my children but most of all my other half. Living on the moon has given me a greater appreciation for you. *smooches*


  1. YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! Since we were the FIRST RR family you met over there - we take the honors of setting a high standard and I am GLAD that the other RR families have lived up to that standard!! So happy for you... Wish we were over there at TGIF's with our boy saying goodbye together! I am just absolutly rejoicing for you though. Praise God - two little boys - going HOME at last!


    I'm so thrilled for you all! Praying for safe travels. YAY God!

  3. woo hoo!! so happy you guys are on your way home!!!! can't wait to see the pics of you all together! hugs!

  4. That is so awesome!! Congratulations to your family! What a long stretch this last leg of the journey must feel like! I am praying you and the boys will have a safe and easy journey home!!!

  5. Doing a little happy dance over here! You will probably read this after you get home - but know that I am thinking of you and your 3 boys in prayer until I read about your homecoming.

    I am really overwhelmed with what you have done, Stephanie!


  6. Congratulations so happy for you all.
    Cathy Adens Mummy

  7. Very nice meeting you yesterday at the US Consulate. Your story is inspiring to us! God Bless you!
    The Kirk Family
    Dallas, TX

  8. safe trip home with the boys... :-)



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