Psalm 68:5-6

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

I am Stepanie Nance. My family adopted two little boys with Down Syndrome from Ukraine in 2010. I hope to educate and to inspire you. I hope to make you laugh and to make you cry.

Come along for the ride. It's a wild one!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Look at my little big boy!

Today was a good day for my heart. The good news just keeps on coming!

When I woke up today I was greeted by Theodore who was sitting up playing in his bed. He was sitting up! He transitioned from laying down to sitting up!! This is HUGE!

I think he may be about done with the baby seat. What do you think?

Ralphie loves Theo! Theo merely tolerates him! ha!

Theo had a pre-op physical with his pediatrician this afternoon. He is up to 18 pounds from less than 13 in August. That's dramatic considering his size!! Most exciting is that his head circumference has grown at the same rate as his weight and length. Do you get that? His brain is growing!

The visit was a pre-op physical because Theo has an MRI and sedated hearing test scheduled for next Friday. I'm not holding my breath, though. He's been super snotty and coughing a bit. We may have to reschedule. :(

For your entertainment...

I can't forget to tell you how wonderful Zhen is doing. His cheeks are a little red from the cold, dry air. But, I think they are adorable!

Tonight I got down on the floor and taught him how to fly!!! A little tricky balancing him on my feet and taking photos! haha! He's so ticklish this is almost impossible to do!


  1. Wow! I'm a new follower to your blog, but I really enjoy seeing how well your son (Theo) is doing! He is growing in leaps and bounds! It shows you the power of LOVE, doesn't it!

    Warms my heart to see these little precious souls thriving in their new forever families.

    Best, Kerin (Vancouver, Canada, Mom of 1 son with DS)

  2. Just amazed at what love.... and a family can do. Have you heard the Stephen Curtis Chapman song this year about wanting a family for Christmas...... I melted. So glad to see such BIG progress. ( I know its huge over here too! Mind boggling)

  3. I think Theo may be this generations Beethoven...he is truly amazing.Look at what love can do...Thank you for the video made my night!

  4. Both boys look great!!! The video of Theo is great! He is absolutely adorable!!! So precious and love to see the progress he is making!!! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing the progress going on in your is so exciting to read about little ones overcoming the odds! I still am in awe of our youngest who at almost 4 yrs home, has overcome SO much. God bless, Jennifer

  6. Thank you so much for your encouragement about Gavin. I am so encouraged reading the progress of your little guy!!!! Wow! It gives me peace seeing how Theo is doing and knowing that Gavin will blossom once he is in our arms.
    Now tell Theo he needs to continue to be strong and keep up the good work. He has a certain little guy that will be looking up to him;)



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