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A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

3 more on my heart...

Masha has a family committed to her. And as a bonus, the family has promised to adopt Christopher, too! It has given me such a peace to know that these two little lambs will soon be loved and cherished. I hope that this family contacts me, as I have more photos and videos of Masha. They don't belong to me anymore. :)

Some of my most favorite Reece's Rainbow children have recently been matched with families. Peter for instance! He always reminded my of Ralphie. I showed his photo and description to Ralph's cardio nurse several years ago and she always asks about him. I can't wait to tell her the good news! Peter is reported to be very ill, however. Pray that he can hold on long enough for his family to get him home and get him the medical care that he desperately needs.


There are three more. My special three. I'd like to check them! Families for each!

I often think that if I could just see these three particular children find their place in a loving family that I could let my heart heal a little bit. Maybe then I could let go of the pain that I carry around. Maybe?

1. Mila

I spent a lot of time observing this girl last summer. I tried to get a nice photo but she was always glued to a caregiver and photos were absolutely forbidden. So I had to be content to watch and wonder.

Mila's a good girl. She follows instructions. She helps pick up toys. She's friendly! One day James and I were walking down the driveway of the orphanage after our visiting hours were done when Mila and her nanny were walking back to the building. She must have sensed a unique opportunity because she took my hand and turned to leave with us. ha! I had to gently lead her back to her nanny with a completely broken heart.

Mila is no dummy. She has seen mommies and daddies appear and then disappear with her friends for four long, boring years. She wants a mommy and daddy of her own. She needs them.

2. Andrey S.

I honestly don't care for this photo. His old photo was much nicer. It showed off his blue angel eyes! Here he is stuffed in lacy pink girl jammies. What is it with the girl clothes? Zhen is wearing a pink t-shirt in his immigration photo!

Andrey is one of those children that I can't believe no one has scooped up yet. He really couldn't be any cuter. Lots of Reece's Rainbow children have been adopted from his baby house and no one wanted him?

It is obvious that he is regressing. Without stimulation and therapy he may continue to withdraw. He needs a reason to live. A reason to love. A family would do the trick. I just know it. I just don't know how long he can wait...

3. And I saved the best, most special child for last...drumroll...


Ok, so his eye turns in a bit. Ok, a lot. :(

Try this...cover up one eye with your pinky finger and look how sweet his face is!! Or, if you love him like I do you don't have to cover up anything at all. I imagine that Theo may look a little like Maxim when he is bigger.

What can I tell you about Maxim other than he is special to me. I love him. I want him to have the best possible life. To run and play and be free. He is 6 years old, but he seems quite small.

My friend Melissa had the opportunity to meet and play with Maxim last fall. HERE is what she had to say about him. We are both crazy for him and will work like mad women to help raise money for the family who commits to him. You have our promise in cyber-ink!

So there they are. My special three. (I actually have a top ten list. Does that even surprise you?)

Is there anyone out there who loves them like I do?

Is there anyone out there who has room in their heart for one of these children?

Don't be afraid.

It will be the "best good deed" you will ever do. (hat tip ~ Rob Nalle.)


  1. oh, man. i love this post. i love these kids. every time i think i have MY three, someone shows me ANOTHER three. and these three are just precious. i love what you have to say about all of them. they are now on MY list too. :)

  2. I too have met Maxim (actually, I was with Melissa when she met him) and he is indeed such a sweetheart and I am praying that a family steps forward for him soon. At the top of my list right now though is Andrey... I spent three months with him and I can tell you that everything you said is true - he is oh so cute, oh so sweet and oh so cuddly and yes, he is regressing and running out of time. I would be happy to send you more pictures and stories if you want: I love him like crazy and would bring him home myself if I could.

  3. Is there any way to have RR revisit this statement and possibly omit this line from his profile:

    "From his caregivers in April 2010: child emotionally limited."

    From Andrea's posts on her blog, it doesn't sound like Andrey is emotionally limited. I'm afraid that prospective families (who haven't read Andrea's posts on Andrey) may fear that he will not bond with them if he is in fact "emotionally limited." Just a thought when I read his profile.



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